Sprachendienst Stephan Friess


Services offered

Preferred expertise area:

Medicine and emergency medical aid

Medical records, scientific publications, epicrisis, certificates for healthcare professionals , documents for (travel) health insurance companies, autopsy reports
Practical experience due to a first responder training

Rescue and civil security

Mountain rescue, fire and civil protection, general rescue, water rescue, diving medicine
Practical experience due to my active membership in the field of civil protection and rapid-response services

Sailing and yachting

From the bowsprit to the sternpost and from the masthead fly to the keel
Practical experience due to my active membership in the German Lifeguard Association
Sailing permit and motor boat licence

Adventure, outdoor and extreme sports

Freeclimbing in Joshua Tree, trekking in Corsica, solo speed climbing, mushing in Lapland, "Big Summit Speed Riding Eiger" or buildering in Montréal... What about B.A.S.E jumping, scuba diving and kitesurfing?
No bounds, even in translation!

Übersetzungen von Webseiten

Just specify the URL of the sites to be translated or send me the original on memory medium. I don't just translate the part that is visible to your site's visitors, but even the corresponding source code, such as comments and meta tags. Search engine optimization (SEO) in different languages on request.

English translator in Ravensburg